Upcoming shows:
Let Me Cascade From My Highest Ground 
Solo show / CDMX / Fall 2023
Danielle Firoozi, an Iranian-American artist explores the intersection of drag and minimalist sculpture using diverse materials to create tension and captivate audiences. Her recent work combines found and cast objects in playful, unexpected contexts, inventing a language that transforms familiar items into new experiences. By doing so, Danielle achieves suspense and levity, continually asking herself: are we having fun yet?

Growing up in Shanghai, Danielle earned a certificate in Advanced Mandarin from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and a BFA in Sculpture from New York University. A decade-long detour into film producing resulted in award-winning works, but a year-long artist residency in Marfa, TX brought her back to her own artistic practice.

Since 2018, she has been living and working in Mexico City.    Instagram︎︎︎